Corporate Social Responsibility

True and full measure of success and progress lies beyond balance sheets and economic indices. It is best reflected in the difference that company makes to the lives of people. Webberz addresses the needs of sustainable initiatives in the areas of Health, Education and Environment Conservation.


Some measures taken by Webberz for employees:

  • Regular Health check-ups
  • Tie ups with the best medical establishments and doctors
  • Employee Social Insurance covering medicine, treatment, hospitalization and life insurance
  • Fully equipped staff rooms and dining areas in all branches
  • Counseling sessions of employees for a better living

Education - Scholarship Programs

2 deserving girls are given Free Education per month.

Selection Procedure:

  • 10th with 60%
  • Financially Weak
  • Age - between 16-21
  • Unemployed
  • Interview every last Thursday of the month Contact any branch for further details.
Environment Conservation - Going Green

Environment is one of the top priorities in Webberz. Saving and Conserving are done on a continuous basis.

Task Wood Saved
Paper based communication replaced with Electronic Communication. 1000Kgs
The daily lesson plans replaced with E-Plans 1000Kgs
All newspapers/magazines have been replaced with e-newspapers in all the branches. 500Kgs
Used Paper collected and converted into briquettes for combustion. 10,000Kgs
Some branches converted into green branches. Natural ventilation and sunlight is being used where possible. Dark colors have been avoided to provide better reflection and minimization of air-conditioning. 5000Kgs
Grand Total 17,500 kgs/year

Assuming the net weight of a tree = 500 kgs this would be approximately 35 trees/year.